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Annual Homeowner Meeting Results

We recently convened our annual HOA meeting to review the neighborhood events of 2021 and present our plans for 2022. Several homeowners joined the meeting in-person or by virtual meeting on November 17th, 2021. Despite the best efforts by those that did attend, we unfortunately didn’t have enough for a quorum to be reached in order to conduct official business like elect new board members or pass our proposed budget. So what happens now? According to the By-Laws, Covenants, and Declarations, we are permitted to move forward on both matters.  Without a quorum, we were unable to elect any new board members, but the board is allowed to appoint new members until the next annual meeting. We have appointed Tyler Shorter, David Feeser, and Osarumen “Martina” Obaseki, to our team for one-year terms and look forward to working with them to continue our efforts to improve the neighborhood and increase property values. Regarding the budget, the Board is required to have a special meeting to finalize a ‘temporary’ budget that will serve us until the next annual meeting. The Board has voted to implement the budget that was proposed at the annual meeting for the 2022 fiscal year. As a result, annual dues will be increasing slightly to $430 per year per property address or only $1.58 per month over last year. The board had the option to call for a higher increase, but chose to keep it under the allowed amount of increase to try to aid those challenged by this most unusual year. Dues will become due February 1st, 2022. Those wishing to pay before the due date will be able to do so. For those that wish, you can split the amount into as many payments as you wish but that any amount not paid in full and received by Omni Property Management by February 15th will be subject to late fees and all collection efforts as permitted by our governing documents.  We are all hoping for a better year in 2022. In no time at all, spring will be here and it will be time to distribute pool bands for the 2022 summer and all of the rest of summertime activities will be at hand again. Please feel free to contact us by email with any questions or concerns at:  

Watson Farms Board of Directors

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Seeking Homeowner Volunteers for Governing Document Review

We are seeking volunteers to help with a committee to review and propose changes to our governing documents which include; By-Laws, Covenants & Architectural Guidelines.  Since some of our documents are over 25 years old, they are due for a thorough review.  In order to participate, you must be current on your HOA dues and only one person per household will be eligible. If response to participate is more than expected, the Board will determine the participants.
The committee will include some board members and at least 3 residents to present ideas and suggest what is best for our community going forward.   We ask that you are available to meet for the next couple of months in the evening and can commit to reading the governing documents to get familiar prior to first meeting.  Please send an email to with questions and if you are interested. 
Thank you, Watson Farms Board of Directors

Solar Panel Salespeople are out and about

There are salespeople walking around in the neighborhood trying to sell Solar Panels through Blue Raven. If you have a “no soliciting” signage on your door, you may call the “non emergency” police to report them (317) 545-7575. They have been telling residents that they are approved by the HOA. That information is incorrect and you can find the information in Section 9 of Plats, Covenants & Restrictions.

“No solar collector panels or attendant hardware or other energy conservation equipment shall be constructed or installed on any Lot unless it is an integral and harmonious part of the architectural design of the structure, as determined in sole discretion of the Architectural Committee.
Thank you for your understanding.

If you have further questions, please contact

Ponds are for Residents Only!!!

Please be aware that only residents are allowed to fish in Watson Farms ponds. If you give someone permission to fish here, you must be present with them. If you see people fishing that may not live here, feel free to ask them, and if they don’t live in Watson Farms, please call the non-emergency police number (317) 545-7575 to report the trespassing. Please practice only ‘catch and release’ so the fish will remain abundant for all to enjoy the sport. Thank You!

From the Marion County Sheriff’s Department

Marion County Sheriff’s Office Asks Public to Dial 311 – not 911 – for Fireworks Complaints. The weeks leading up to the 4th of July are the busiest for dispatchers in the Marion County Sheriff’s 911 Center. The 911 Center expects to answer over 3,000 calls on the 4th of July alone. Already this year, the 911 Center is experiencing a significant increase of calls regarding fireworks violations. Unless someone is injured, or property is damaged by fireworks, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office 911 Dispatchers request that residents call the non-emergency telephone line, (317) 327-3811, to report firework violations. Cellular telephone users in Marion County may also dial 311 for all non-emergencies. Marion County Sheriff Kerry Forestal: “We need citizens to do their part in ensuring that our 911 lines are not tied up with complaints about fireworks. Please consider that someone with a life or death emergency needs to get through to 911 as quickly as possible. Calling (317) 327-3811 or 311 can make a real difference in ensuring that someone who really needs help, gets help faster.”

August 2020 Newsletter

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Lawrence Trails Project

The City of Lawrence is planning to submit an application no later than November of 2019 to the Next Level Trails grant program. The funds from this grant would be used to construct a multi-use paved trail from 59th St & Lee Rd. to 63rd St. & Winona Dr. The trail design for this project originated from the City’s 2018 Bicycle and Pedestrian Masterplan, a document that can be found on the City website under the Department of Public Works.  Read more by clicking below!