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Watson Farms Garage Sale Dates Announced!

Big News for those anxiously awaiting the annual garage sale as the dates have been announced. The neighborhood garage sale dates are July 24th, 25th, and 26th and coincide with the Kensington Farms garage sale dates.

From the Marion County Sheriff’s Department

Marion County Sheriff’s Office Asks Public to Dial 311 – not 911 – for Fireworks Complaints. The weeks leading up to the 4th of July are the busiest for dispatchers in the Marion County Sheriff’s 911 Center. The 911 Center expects to answer over 3,000 calls on the 4th of July alone. Already this year, the 911 Center is experiencing a significant increase of calls regarding fireworks violations. Unless someone is injured, or property is damaged by fireworks, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office 911 Dispatchers request that residents call the non-emergency telephone line, 317-327-3811, to report firework violations. Cellular telephone users in Marion County may also dial 311 for all non-emergencies. Marion County Sheriff Kerry Forestal: “We need citizens to do their part in ensuring that our 911 lines are not tied up with complaints about fireworks. Please consider that someone with a life or death emergency needs to get through to 911 as quickly as possible. Calling 317-327-3811 or 311 can make a real difference in ensuring that someone who really needs help, gets help faster.”

April 2020 Newsletter

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Copper Canyon Landscape Variance Request Update

Copper Canyon Landscaping Design is located just west of our 63rd Street entrance in the large white farmhouse that used to be Watson’s Farm.  They have been operating their landscaping business out of this home without having the proper zoning for a commercial business.  After numerous complaints and fines given by Marion County and Lawrence residents, Copper Canyon had to request a variance to change the zoning with Lawrence Zoning Board.

In 2018, the first variance meeting was scheduled which Copper Canyon failed to attend. As a result, it was continued until the next month.  This same thing went on for several months.  In March 2019, the WFHOA board agreed to meet with Copper Canyon to discuss their business’s impact on our neighborhood.  At that time, the board listened to Copper Canyon and their plans for the property. Then the board explained that there is no upkeep of the property and it is now an eyesore. The board has concerns about chemicals being stored on the property that could potentially leach into the ground, noise, smell, drainage issues, evergreen trees dying, almost half the property is now a rock driveway to accommodate the landscape business, a commercial business in a residential community, and this is bringing down our property values. We presented them with pictures to back up our claims of the following:

  • fence outlining property in need of repair and painting
  • tall weeds in flowerbeds which lined the property
  • several nice evergreen trees died and continue to die
  • replacing nice evergreens with a cheap maple tree that will provide seasonal privacy years down the road
  • improper drainage dumping water into residing neighbor’s yards
  • large equipment being stored at the property after hours
  • barn falling apart, roof caving in
  • piles of mulch and dirt being stored at the back of the property
  • chemicals stored on the property that could potentially leach into the ground
  • rocks, boulders, landscaping material being stored on the property
  • employees parking in the back

At that time, the owner was aware of our concerns and he said he would try to work on them and was looking forward to working out a solution so that we would not oppose the variance. 

After several months, there was no visible effort on part of Copper Canyon to make not one improvement. In addition, to keep not showing up for zoning board meetings and asking for a continuance, and continued with no improvements to their property, the Lawrence Zoning board denied their request in July 2019. Copper Canyon was to cease all work at this location. 

Watson Farms is not in favor of this type of business running in this area surrounding residential homes and schools. This type of commercial operation should be moved to where the property is zoned for this type of commercial work.

We are asking that residents write a letter to encourage the Lawrence Zoning Dept. to stop operating their business out of this residence.  You may email your letter to Renea Rafala at or call (317) 545-8787 to express your concerns that they are NOT following the zoning commissions’ denial for a variance to operate their business at this residential property.

Lawrence Trails Project

The City of Lawrence is planning to submit an application no later than November of 2019 to the Next Level Trails grant program. The funds from this grant would be used to construct a multi-use paved trail from 59th St & Lee Rd. to 63rd St. & Winona Dr. The trail design for this project originated from the City’s 2018 Bicycle and Pedestrian Masterplan, a document that can be found on the City website under the Department of Public Works.  Read more by clicking below!