HOA Documents

Ace Hardware – 10941 E. 79th Street (Sunnyside/79th) has paint specifically under Watson Farms’ mailbox color which is an exterior, latex, flat called Royal Fit 103 in Farm Brown. They have matched this color for us and it is on file with their paint specialists.

Where do we get our standardized mailbox as well as post replacement?

Watson Farms’ covenants state that we have to have the same uniform mailbox and post that were installed when your home was built.
The mailbox post replacement or repair can be purchased by Mailbox Solution at 317-460-1010.

See Mailbox Flyer.

If a street light post is out, who do I report it to?

The street light posts that are located driving into the entrance of 63rd Street are owned by WatsonFarm’s. These light posts are repaired only by us. However, the other larger street posts that are located at the entrance of 59th and on our streets are owned by IPL. Both types of street lights should be reported to property manager, mwaugh@cas-indiana.com. 
When reporting the ones that are out or damaged, please be specific with street location and yellow tag numbers. Only the IPL light posts have yellow tags that are located on the post about 8 ft high. You will need to have this number so that Tricia can fill out the repair request form for IPL. IPL generally takes between 4-6 weeks to repair/replace bulbs. If not done by 6 weeks, report again to contact property manager, mwaugh@cas-indiana.com.

The WatsonFarm’s light posts do not have tag numbers and will be repaired by maintenance staff.


What ponds are open to the rest of the community for fishing etc? How do I report trespassers when on a private pond?

There are only 2 ponds that are considered open to the community. They are located at entrance of 63rd and the one located next to the pool. Otherwise, the other retention ponds are for private use only by the residents who’s property touches the embankment of the pond. If you are a resident who has property that resides on the pond and see others who don’t live there using the ponds you may ask them to leave or call the non-emergency LPD phone number at 545-7575. Please remember that a resident may allow or give permission to a friend/family member to use the pond.

Soliciting is the neighborhood, what can you do?

Since we have posted signs up at the entrances about “no soliciting” then we can ask for the solicitors to be removed. If the solicitor has a license for Lawrence Township, then they may come on our property however, we may ask for them to be removed by calling the LPD non-emergency phone numbers at 545-7575.

How do I report a crime or suspicious activity in Watson Farms? How do I find out who is my block captain for our Crime Watch?

Please remember to call any emergency situation to 911 unless it is a non-emergency then call LPD 545-7575.  We are currently looking for chair and members to form Watson Farms Crime Watch.

Who do I report my concerns to about the cleanliness of the pool, bathouses and lifeguards attentiveness?

Please use the tab “Contact Us” on the web site. This info will be forwarded to the Pool Committee and the HOA board. Be specific with times you were at the pool and who the lifeguard was. If it is an emergency, please contact Associa or property manager, mwaugh@cas-indiana.com.



Why do we have a Associs working with our HOA?

Associa was hired to manage our accounts receivable/payable as well as gather quotes (3) for contracts such as landscaping, pool management, pond service and general maintenance. In addition, they have monthly meetings with our HOA board members to give us up to date financials and keep us abreast of any concerns or ways in which we can make our neighborhood a better place. They are also a liaison for concerns that you may have about the HOA or neighborhood. You may contact Associa or our property manager, mwaugh@cas-indiana.com or feel free to contact the board through our the tab Contact Us on the web site.

Where do I report inoperable cars and cars sitting with flat tires?

Please contact the non-emergency phone number for LPD at 545-7575 to report the car’s make, model and license plate number. The car has to be considered inoperable if it hasn’t moved from it’s normal spot on the street for at least 3 days, or w/o a current license tag, or with a flat tire.

What are the Covenants and By-Laws of the HOA? How can they be enforced in the by the HOA?

These are the “rules” or ordinances of our neighborhood. They are in place to keep our neighborhood uniform as well as pleasing to the eye. These legal/registered documents were presented to the homeowner during your closing by the title company. You as a homeowner, signed a form stating that you accepted them and would uphold them while owning a home in Watson Farms. If you would like copies, please go to “HOA Documents” on the web site. Also see HOA Documents.

When do I need an application for improvement such as a fence, deck, play set?

Please refer to the Architectural Guidelines that are listed as “HOA Documents” on the web site. The guidelines will explain what is required by the association as well as the form that has to be sent in and approved before work is started.

When is the annual meeting for the HOA? How do I become a board member?

The annual meeting to discuss the financial paperwork as well as the following years budget is generally in Oct/Nov. If you would like to attend one of the monthly board member meetings to discuss an idea or concern, please use the Contact Us section of the web site. Each year, if and when the board members term is up, we elect new board members. If you are interested in being on the board please use the “Contact Us” tab on the web site. It is suggested to volunteer as a committee member first to make sure you would like to do this. We have a Welcoming Committee, Social/Pool Committee, and block captains needed for Crime Watch. You can join these by using the Contact Us tab on the web site.

How do I get my pool tags?

Pool tags or renewals are done in May of each year. They are distributed to the neighbors that are current with their HOA dues for the year. If you are not available to pick up your tags or would like to pay your dues, you must contact Associa or property manager, mwaugh@cas-indiana.com.


Who do I report abandoned homes to? What if the grass needs to be cut?

Use the Contact Us section of the web site to inform us of these homes as soon as possible so we can make sure they are locked and safe. Each year a fund is put into the budget to help pay for the grass to be cut until the bank takes the house over. Please report the address so that the HOA can arrange this.

When I am having a hard time paying my dues, who should I contact?

Always contact Associa to discuss payment arrangements so you can avoid having to pay the late fee of $50 that will be charged to your account 30 days after due date. Associa or property manager, mwaugh@cas-indiana.com can be contacted to discuss.

Why is my trash not being picked up, I’ve put my garbage toter to the curb?

Make sure you have the toter to edge of the driveway with the arrow on the lid or the bar on the front is facing the street. The lid needs to be closed without having anything stacked on top. If you moved in and need to get a toter, please contact Lawrence Street Dept. at 823-8959


Watson Farms Owners, please note the HOA Board does NOT require Owners to utilize a specific company when repairing violations. It is recommended that Owners consult with the Architectural Committee if you have any questions. Just a reminder, please review the Architectural Guidelines and seek approval via the ACC Improvement Form before services are provided.


Mailboxes. In the past some Watson Farms residents, have offered mailbox repair services. Although Owners are NOT restricted from using neighbor’s services for repairs, please note that Watson Farms HOA does NOT endorse or require you to do so. However, the mailboxes must be the same specs, material, and color as the current mailbox used for Watson Farms.


Recently, the Watson Farms HOA provided specified product details with discounted pricing from Mailbox Solutions as a courtesy. The Watson Farms HOA is not affiliated or endorsing this company.  


Mailbox Solutions has gone through the pre-approval process and it has been confirmed they are licensed and insured as well as meets the current specs, material, and color.


If Owners are ever in doubt on the Architectural Guidelines, Covenants, Improvement Application, etc., please contact Associa or property manager, mwaugh@cas-indiana.com or the Watson Farms HOA board at watsonfarmshoa@gmail.com or visit the Watson Farms website.